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Welcome to Santa Monica

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Please follow the steps below:

  1. Have the CEL Accommodation Confirmation with you (see picture)
  2. In the section CHECK-IN you will find the code you need to enter at the main gate
  3. Your Apartment number and Lock box code are also shown on the Confirmation. You can see on the Map where your Apartment is located
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Check-in Zuma

Go straight to your apartment (655 Kelton Ave Apt #211 building).

CEL lock-boxes

When you arrive at Zuma, you can get your room key from the CEL lock box outside of the building.

First, go to the left garage entrance. Looking at the front door of the building, walk left and you will see a garage entrance.

CEL lock-boxes

Go to the door and there will be a lock box at the bottom left. Lock box code is "1920".

CEL keys

You will see 3 set of keys : ①mailbox, ② garage & front door of the building ③ apartment key.


When you are at your apartment check out the

e-mail again to find your apartment code.

Please use the Apartment CODE to open the apartment door and follow the instructions below:

<Step 1>

Enter the code provided with your check-in instructions

<Step 2>

Press the bottom button

<Step 3>

Watch door unlock

You may also watch quick video guide here!

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  • Quiet time is from 21:00 until 9:00 (9pm until 9am).
  • Excessive noise is not allowed at any time!
  • Parties are prohibited at all times!
  • You are allowed to have guests between 9 am and 9 pm (9:00 - 21:00). The total number of persons in the apartment can not exceed 6 in total. NO overnight guests at any time!
  • NO alcohol is allowed in the pool area. Glass bottles are not allowed in the pool/BBQ area.
  • NO Smoking/Vaping in the whole AVA complex. You need to go out of the complex to smoke.
  • NO dangerous or disruptive behavior will be tolerated. Any person being disruptive or breaking rules will be asked to leave the area.
  • Electricity usage - There’s a max usage of the electricity per apartment. Make sure to switch off the AC, HEATER plus all lights when leaving the apartment. You will be held responsible for electricity bills exceeding $150 per month/apartment

CEL may enter the premises at any time, to check the condition of the apartment, or to exhibit the premises to prospective or actual tenants or workers. Such entry, other than in case of emergency, will be made during business hours, unless the resident otherwise consents to the time of entry.

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asked questions

Does CEL provide toilet paper?

CEL provides one roll of toilet paper, on your arrival date. After that, the students are responsible for purchasing this themselves.

Does CEL provide laundry detergent?

NO. CEL does not provide laundry detergent. Every student is responsible for buying their own detergent.

Does CEL clean the Apartments?

A cleaner will come every other week. They will clean the living room, vacuum, and wash your towels and bed sheets. However, they are not responsible for doing dishes or moving your stuff around. Also, you need to strip the bed and put the bed sheets and towels in your designated basket before the cleaner comes if you'd like them cleaned.

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Maintenance Request

For non-emergency maintenance request, you have to submit a maintenance request on your tenant portal(Please call 911 for emergency).

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Your apartment

  • 4-bedrooms | 2-bathrooms apartment
  • Fully equipped kitchen with: microwave, oven, utensils, pots and pans.
  • Living room
  • Balcony
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smart TV
  • Air conditioned
  • Washing machine & Dryer in the apartment
  • We provide: linens, blanket, pillow and towels.

Trash need to be taken to the trash bin located in the garage under the building

trash bin
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The mailbox area is located on the ground level near the entrance. Mailbox key is shared with your housemates.

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Places nearby


Near Zuma, there are some places to visit. You can have a great time being at the university town in LA.

  • Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden Peaceful campus botanical garden

  • Inverted Fountain an unique place with relaxing atmosphere

  • Planetarium Educational talks, watching stars and planets

  • Hammer Museum Contemporary art gallery with a permanent collection of historical works

  • The Museum of Jurassic Technology Museum with collection of art, science & natural history
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Near Zuma, there are grocery stores that students are able to purchase groceries and other supplies they may need:

Sprouts Farmers Market

1751 Westwood Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Whole Foods Market

1050 Gayley Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Trader Joe's

1000 Glendon Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Ralphs Fresh Fare

10861 Weyburn Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90024

These stores vary in price and quality of groceries. We recommend visiting each store to see which store is more to your liking for future needs. We recommend asking the stores for their free “store cards” which will unlock deals and discounts on items throughout the store.

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Eating close

to Zuma

Check some good places to eat just within walking distance:

  • In-N-Out Burger West coast style of burgers & fries

  • Bruin Plate Residential Restaurant Dining venue at UCLA offering health-oriented dishes

  • Gogobop Korean Rice Bar Korean restaurant with bibimbap and others

  • Cravings Coffee, breakfast, desserts

  • Hakata Izakaya HERO Japanese bar with relishes
Bus Terminal Location

Tap Card•App

Public Transportation

Travel LA with Tap card!

The base fare for all public transportation is $1.75

  1. Buy a Tap card
    1. Find Vendor locations were you can buy a Tap card. - You can search it here
    2. In addition to a one-time pass, there are multiple options, including a Metro Day Pass ($7) and a 7-day Pass ($25) - Detailed information here
    3. Charge your metro TAP card(The TAP card can be used continuously as long as it is recharged).
    4. Use your virtual Tap card reading it on readers
  2. Use Tap app
    1. Download "TAP LA"
    2. Sign up
    3. Once created, click the "Cards" Tab
    4. Buy a pass or load money by registering/adding a TAP card
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Check fee

**Trolley station and Bus Stop close to Zuma :

  • Santa Monica / Overland

Stop ID : 6037. 3 min walk from Zuma

  • Westwood Blvd & Weyburn Ave

Stop ID : 2160. 14 min walk from Zuma

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Online Groceries

You don't need to leave your apartment to buy groceries, house supplies or shopping in general. Please see a list of websites with same day delivery below:

  • Amazon: Shop all groceries on Amazon with FRESH and WHOLE FOODS MARKET

  • Target: Shop all groceries and more on Target

  • Instacart: Use this app to have a same-day delivery using many different stores (Sprouts, Ralphs, Costco, Albertons, CVS, Smart & Final, Food 4Less and more)

*First delivery is free.

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  • Don't leave your apartment - buy things using your phone
  • Don't need to carry heavy and big things
  • Don't need to take the bus or Uber/Lyft
  • Select different products and stores
  • Same-day delivery

CEL Activities

& Social Media

Enjoy and have fun in our weekly activities!

Follow us on Instagram to have access to the monthly activity calendar and last news about CEL schools.

Use SignUpGenius to book an activity

  • Download the SignUpGenius app in the App Store/Google Play at no cost or access the website:

*please use the same email given to the school

  • Create an account.
  • Click on the SIGN UPS invited tab.
  • Click on the activity you would like to sign up for.
  • If the activity has a cost, please sign up and make the payment online *credit card is required.
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Emergency phone number

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